Saturday, July 12, 2014

Marina ParkCity Set to Transform Miri City into a Lively Cosmopolitan City

MIRI: Spanning 550 acres with a 1.25-mile frontage to the South China Sea, Marina ParkCity master plan envisions a new and exciting business district that will double the size of the existing Miri City Centre.

Streetscape, parks, shady tree-lined walkways and civic anchors will be introduced to create a vibrant, thriving and compelling commercial hub that will redefine Miri’s urbanity.

“Our aspiration is to expand and transform Miri into an atmospheric city that puts people first. It will be a visionary model of liveability, vitality, sustainability and community with an enviable quality of life and flourishing businesses,” said Loh Poh Khim, deputy sales director of Pantai Bayu Indah, the master developer of Marina ParkCity.

In striving for excellence in city planning and design, the developer is collaborating with forward thinking international consultants from the US and Denmark renowned for their understanding and experience in shaping cities. Their collective contributions will shape Marina ParkCity into a humane and safe destination where people can shop, work, live, relax and walk from place to place.

Its tree-lined streets, lively squares and verdant parks will provide the stage for these activities.

“Miri deserves a waterfront so our response is a picturesque, active waterfront along the sea edge, transforming it into a picture-perfect postcard tourist destination,” Loh said.
Conceived as an inviting and charming promenade, the waterfront boasts of a kilometre long boardwalk, a central park and strings of linear parks where people can enjoy a leisurely walk or cycle or dine at restaurants while enjoying the views, the breeze and the sound of the sea.

Arcadia Square, fronting Jalan Kubu, is in the heart of Miri City Centre. It will be an appealing commercial venue with first class shops and offices. It is designed to be the top address for work, shopping, dining and entertainment, delighting visitors with its open-air environment that is safe for walking.

Here, imagination spurs innovation in the design of the first class arcade-fronting high street shops and elevated courtyard shops that connect patrons to public places and spaces.
Sited on a 19.2-acre plot, Arcadia Square comprises four distinct components: Brooke Gateway, Victoria Plaza, Kenyalang Corner and Tanjung Court.

Fronting Jalan Kubu, Brooke Gateway will feature shops and offices lining the main entrance of Arcadia Square. Victoria Plaza, forming its central core, consists of four- and five-storey shop/office buildings grouped into three sections: The Central Court, South Wing and North Wing. The Central Court will feature an attractive plaza and a business hotel with up to 200 keys.

A major international hotel chain based in Singapore has expressed keen interest to operate the proposed hotel. Negotiations are at an advanced stage and the company will make an official announcement when formalities are completed.

Kenyalang Corner will comprise a supermarket and 100 units of SOHOs.
Loh said: “We expect to be in the position to offer them for sale in the third quarter of this year. Tanjung Court, fashioned after the American strip mall, consists of shop/office buildings harbouring a parking lot.

“Furthermore, two leading Malaysian banks are planning to relocate their regional office to Arcadia Square. Full details shall be disclosed in due course.“

Ground floor shops come with 22-foot frontages, double-volume space and mezzanine floors. They are designed to exceed the quality and proportions of traditional shops.
First floor shops with double-volume space and large window openings are highly visible from the streets. This unique feature give retailers valuable display advantage that traditional first floor shops can never offer. Offices located above the shops are ideal for businesses that want an address to impress clients.

Access to the first floor shops and offices will be facilitated by 23 lifts and 10 sets of escalators placed at strategic locations. It can be said that accessibility to the upper floors of Arcadia Square is as good as, if not better, than that for any modern shopping mall.
To overcome the city’s perennial parking problems and traffic congestion, a total of 1,753 parking bays will be provided in a multi-storey parking facility and motor courts. Motorists will find entering and exiting Arcadia Square a breeze.

In a nutshell, the visionary Arcadia Square project is extraordinary. Investing in Arcadia Square shops and offices means giving your business or your tenant’s a powerful platform for a commanding advantage over competitors.

Distinguished by a fusion of exquisite architecture and evocative place-making concepts, Arcadia Square will attract and fascinate visitors and draw them back time after time, effortlessly.

The Arcadia Square Show Gallery is located at ParkCity Everly Hotel, Miri.
For further information call 085-423099 or visit its official website at Or you can attend the Exclusive Brunei Sales Event at The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Conference Room from 9am to 7 pm, March 8 and 9, 2014. For enquiries, call Brunei Sole Agents, Primeland Estate Agency on + 673 2424738 / 39 /40.

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